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5th May 2008Wrapped up after a bath
1st May 2008Snoozing on Daddy
27th Apr 2008Junior Swans Supporter
27th Apr 2008Power nap before a big game
26th Apr 2008First Time on Bondi Beach
23rd Apr 2008Pink Booties
19th Apr 2008Pretty in Pink
13th Apr 2008Cuddles with Charlotte and Martin
13th Apr 2008Aunty Nicole
12th Apr 2008With Daddy at Maroubra
11th Apr 2008Chloe's First Day at the Beach
7th Apr 2008Baby Chloe
6th Apr 2008Proud Daddies
6th Apr 2008Ben and Chloe
5th Apr 2008Aunty Clairey
5th Apr 2008Happy Family
5th Apr 2008Aunty Flips
5th Apr 2008Aunty Katie
5th Apr 2008Chloe Ann Smith
5th Apr 200810 minutes old